The ultimate monster simulation! Train, feed, and battle with your own personal creature – Treat it well, and you’ll see it evolve!


VirtuaCreature is the ultimate monster RPG influenced by the creature-craze of the past. You’ll be responsible for all facets of your creature, and the effort you put in will reflect in how it grows. From baby to beast – it’s in your hands!

Everything you do influences the development and evolution of your monster. How you raise it and what it’s fed will completely alter the look and abilities it obtains as it grows!

Test your mettle against many opponents!

Compete in Arenas to learn the ropes and put your creature’s stats to the test!

  • Pick a stance and engage in rapidly paced battles!
  • Memorize the different types to gain an advantage!
  • Different arena types for each tier of evolution!
  • Multiple difficulties for each type!
  • “Infinite” arena with increasing scaled difficulty and rewards. How long can you last?
  • “Impossible” arena with max-level creatures to face off against!
  • “Max” arena to test a hypothetical maxed-out creature!

Compete in Towers, turn-based RPG battles where all your knowledge and skills will be vital to winning!

  • Utilize a variety of different moves & special abilities to deal devastating damage and stat effects!
  • Customize your creature’s moveset to perfectly tune your playstyle!
  • Several unlockable sets, each with multiple difficulties!
  • Infinite, Max & Impossible variants!
  • Daily Tower with rotating rewards for every day of the week!

VirtuaCreature goes online! For the first time ever, connect to a server and play a video game with other people!

  • Compete in PvP matches with your creatures for the ultimate test of strategy!
  • Gather your friends for Cooperative battles against terrifying bosses, rewards included!
  • Tune in frequently for new rewards or challenges, courtesy of the internet!
  • Play with anyone! Cross-platform multiplayer is supported between mobile and PC platforms.

Utilize a complex and powerful stat system that allows you to customize and create builds for your creatures to fit different playstyles. Optimize and find your best match!

Play multiple unique minigames to discipline your creature! Whether it’s an endless-runner Race or the arcadey Smack-A-Mole, your monster will take from your interactions!

Purchase and combine ingredients to make various different stat-changing items. Keep track with an in-game recipe book, and craft accordingly to your needs!

Make your creature even stronger through special equipment, obtainable through chests – And no, that doesn’t mean paid lootboxes. Each piece of equipment has a different type, power level and color, so you’ll have to match it best to your beast!

Clear timer-based nodes in the Void Mine to obtain chests, money or Synths, a special item that can be used to level up your equipment to be even stronger! As you clear nodes, your “Drill Level” will increase, giving you access to better loot pools than before!

As your creature evolves, the complexity of the art increases exponentially – Go from simple 8-bit blob to a fantastical steampunk camel, a rhino layered in Aztec patterns, or an icy crocodile that freezes water around it. With over 20 unique designs, your play-through can have tons of variety.

Rebirth when you’ve reached the level cap to start over and raise your future potential even higher than before!

What are you waiting for? Play VirtuaCreature for FREE today!

Additional information

Release Date

April 23rd 2021

Game Modes

Single-player, Online PvP, Online Co-Op

Minimum Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 7, 2.33 Ghz or faster x86-compatible processor, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB Video Memory, 50 MB available space

ARMv7/x86 processor with vector FPU, minimum 550MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 and AAC HW decoders, Android 4.4 and above, 256MB of RAM, 50 MB available space

iOS 11.0 and above, 50 MB available space